Road trip to Moab, UT

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Catherine and I took a road trip to Moab, UT for a short vacation.  I ran a half-marathon while I was there along highway 128.  The highway runs inside of an amazing red rock canyon along the Colorado river.  The photo to the left is me waiting for the run to start.  There were 4999 other people waiting behind me.

While we were in Moab we also visited Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, which are both very near.  The scenery was so amazing it couldn't easily be capture in photos.  I created some panoramas that are posted here.

Moab is a very cool city to visit.  It has mostly independent businesses except for some chain motels and fast food.  Besides road and trail running, people come to Moab for mountain biking, four wheeling, canoeing/rafting, hang gliding.  My boss says Moab is the anti-Las Vegas- where Vegas is all about doing bad things to your body, Moab is only about good things.  I think that's pretty accurate.

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