Tax Man

Well, Mr Johnson (J.J.) out-did himself this year. He remembered me and remembered that I had "several" boys that came to his office and who liked music.  Then he asked why he hadn't met my daughter.  What a memory.   My appointment took only 5 hours, his charge was slightly less than last year, and the tax return was slighter better this year.  Hurray!!  But  there was NOTHING to eat.  I should have packed a snack.


where's the food?

Yeah I know, there was no food this year! I was STARVING! but like you said, less upfront and more back in the end....couldn't ask for anything better.....except for J.J not to retire!


JJ's been saying that he's going to retire since I started going to him in 1999.  I don't think he's that serious about it. 

The food can be spotty some years.  I pack my backpack like I'm going on a road trip.  I usually bring:

My laptop (there is usually "free" WiFi in the building but I also have a Sprint Wireless card)
My PSP (with Texas Hold 'em tournament game and full of Father Ted, Nova and The Office episodes)
Energy bars
Bottled water
Salt pills
Road flares
Snake bite kit
A whistle
oh yeah... and all my tax stuff.

Ok, so I've never used the whistle.  The other items have been invaluable.