Danville weekend included legends and flat tires.

I had a very nice time in Danville last weekend visiting everyone at the Yen house!  I started out with a tour of the house, and was impressed with Jessica's and Rebecca's super neat rooms!  Then a tour of the yard and rabbit-ville, and a few rounds of penguin town games.

On Saturday, we went out for a great Chinese lunch and I was told the legend of the fountain outside the restaurant.  Just ask Rebecca  and Jessica about the legend next time you are there for lunch. 

Sunday we went bicycling to the twin's school for a morning of tether-ball before Chinese school which they were a little late for partly because I took sooo long to get back from the school because one bike tire went flat!   Then we totally blew the schedule when we stopped for dim sum at the Mayflower.   But the dim sum was delicious, and the whole weekend was very fun!