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We are back from Oahu! I am kind-of sad! But we did need a vacation from a vacation, even though I miss Jason and everybody we met in Oahu! Some really fun things that we did in Hawaii were para-sailing, which is when we go on a boat, and go in the para-shoot thing and go high up into the air still connected to the boat. We get pulled from the boat and we go really high up into the sky! It was so fun! We got dipped into the water a couple of times because we asked the driver of the boat to do it! The water was warm, but when we got dipped it felt cold! Another fun thing we did was bumper-tubes, which I think was a little bit funner then para-sailing because it was faster. But I like them both! For Bumper-tubes, we went on this raft-like thing and we are tied to a boat! The boat went about thirty miles an hour! We were pulled and Jason, Jessica and I  both fell off the tube 2 times! well, actually, Jason didn't really fall off because he said that he went into the water to save me! But I'm not sure about that! Just kidding! We also went in the submarine and saw 6 turtles and 2 sharks! We also saw a sunken ship and lots of little fish! It was really interesting, especially because it was my first time in a submarine! We learned to surf in Hawaii, too! Jason taught us! Jessica and I learned really fast, Jason said! We rented 2 surfboards. We also went to the Luau, which is just this place where you can do lots of activities. This is what we did: Spear-throwing, we made bracelet leis, a head lei, pet parots, (I'm not sure if I spelled "parots" right or not!) watched a show where they tell this "story" and told us what we were having for dinner, got yummy drinks, had dinner, and watched a long show! It was really fun! We also did some more things in Hawaii, but I don't remember right now! Oh yeah! We went to lots of beaches, pretty much one everyday, and we swam to an island! It was a bird sanctuary! We saw lots of sea birds and eggs! we also caught a small crab, but we let it go after we were done holding it! On one of the beaches, I got stung by a blue stingray! It stung! Our trip to Hawaii was SO fun! You should go!


Jam packed vacation

Sounds like you did a lot and had a great time!  Glad to hear all the exciting details and see the great pictures.

That wasn't a sting ray!

Becca, that was a man-of-war jellyfish that stung you not a sting ray.  That was at Bellows beach, by the way.  I'm also really sad that our Hawai'ian vacation had to end.  David and I really had the best time and we can wait to visit again.  Maybe we will all go together next year!